16 Sound Box DIY

16가지 소리를 내는 DIY 킷입니다. 근데 소리가 다 비슷하네요.

Operating voltage :4.5-5V
PCB size: 48mm (length) * 42mm (W)
Control modes: manual coding + external coding

  • coding(ABCD)

0000:Machine gun voice
0001:Fire truck voice
0010:Ambulance voice
0011:The car voice
0100:Crickets sound
0110:Electronic signal sound
1000:Insect song
1010:Telegraph sound
1011:Bird song
1100:ChongJi gunfire
1101:Car sirens
1110:Bass instruments sound
1111:Racing sound

TDA2030A 오디오 증폭기 DIY

사운드 증폭기 입니다. 모노이고 DIY키트입니다. 히트싱크는 별도로 구입한거 연결했습니다. 

추천하는 전원은 12V 입니다.

Output Power: Maximum 18W

Supply Voltage: DC 9V-24V( recommended DC 12V, this voltage to the heat sink requirements are very low;

Maximum supply of this board is actually up to 40V, but you need to change the board’s own electrolytic

capacitor C1, the capacitor voltage value is higher than supply voltage can be use. )

Static Current: about 25mA( disconnect to tone, connect to 8Ω speaker, 12V power supply. )

Speaker Impendance: 4Ω-8Ω

Total harmonic distortion: THD 0.08%(Po=0.1 to 14W,RL=4Ω)

SNR: 94dB-106dB(1W-15W)

Heat: The higher the supply voltage, the great the volume, the higher the heat

Heart Shape Breathing Lamp DIY

LM358칩으로 하트표시 LED가 천천히 켜졌다가 꺼졌다가 하는 DIY 킷입니다. 포텐션미터로 속도 조절 가능하고 푸쉬 스위치로 on/off 가능합니다.