ATtiny85 USB Hack

아래 링크에 가보면 ATtiny85를 사용해서 장난 칠수 있는 재미있는 스크립트가 있습니다. 기본적으로 DigiKeyboard로 파워셀 스크립트를 실행하게 만드는 겁니다. .

WiFi_Profile_Mailer에 들어가 보면 와이파이 패스워드 알아내서 자기자 지정한 이메일 주소로 보내는 스크립트 입니다.

설정은 여기서 보시고 따라 하시면 됩니다.

Script Descriptions

RickRoll_Update : Plays Never Gonna Give you up while performing a fake windows update.

WallpaperChanger : Downloads and applies a wallpaper via powershell.

Wallpaper_Prank : Takes a screenshot of the desktop, sets it as the wallpaper, hides desktop icons.

Talker : Opens up powershell and speaks out a message.

PowerShell Script Executer : Downloads and runs a powershell script.

WiFi_Profile_Grabber: Using cmd, extracts wifi profiles and saves the csv to the usb mounted on d:\

WiFi_Profile_Mailer : Writes the wireless network credentials to a csv file and emails it.

Fork_Bomb : Opens up an obfuscated windows terminal and makes it multiply itself uncontrolably causing the machine to either lock or crash.

Rapid_Shell : Seamlessly executes metasploit payloads through powershell.

Reverse_Shell : Opens a reverse shell in 3 seconds.

Window_Jammer : Spams ALT + F4 and CTRL + W key combos to force close all active windows.


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